Dr. Patrizia Collard
Stress Management Consultant and Psychotherapist

The Mindfulness Bible with Patrizia Collard

Michelle Dunton Writing Fun | Ep. 28 : Interview
Dr Patrizia Collard is a psychotherapist, trainer and coach offering a unique combination of professional qualifications and personal experience. Dr Collard uses her deep understanding of the destructive impact of stress and the resultant addictive/obsessive behaviour and increased anxiety to teach the practice of mindful meditation.
Published on Feb 26, 2017

Lecture on Mindfulness by Dr Patrizia Collard

In this half-hour long lecture, Dr Collard discusses the use and benefits of mindfulness in maintaining a healthy way of life. Published on Jan 13, 2014

Patrizia Collard: What is mindfulness?

This short presentation attempts to give a brief definition of mindfulness and its therapeutic uses in coaching and psychotherapy. Finally it offers a brief practice to follow. May 2, 2011

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