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Stress Management Consultant and Psychotherapist
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clients comments

Siemens-Beijing, China

... she is able to combine Western Psychology with the Chinese way of thinking. As a result, she was able to reach participants in a way that would not have been possible for a Stress Management consultant hired from the West. The participants gained a thorough insight into the topics under discussion and valued the lively, hands-on approach of Dr. Collard's workshop.
Deutsche Botschaftsschule Peking

...Dr. Collard war uns aeusserst wertvoll in der kompetenten Unterstuetzung aller am Schulleben beteiligten Gruppen, sei es durch das Bereitstellen von Informationen, durch das unkomplizierte Rueckmelden bei Fragen, durch das sachliche Unterstuetzen von schulischen Konzepten, durch das Leiten von Gruppengespraechen sowie durch erfolgreiche Einzelbehandlung.
Workshop Client Feedback
Mindfulness Teacher Development Course (2010-02-19)

I found the above course to have a well thought out structure which allowed for individual stages of personal and professional development, and which enabled all participants a chance to explore issues, ask questions and consolidate skills. Patrizia skilfully enabled individual development whilst ensuring that the course objectives were met.

In my opinion, the content of each day of the workshop was excellent. I came away with a sense of having consolidated my knowledge of mindfulness practice and teaching, and of having revised what I though I knew.

Excellent… imparted considerable knowledge and experience with confidence, assertive gentleness, humour and humility.

Clear, informative and easy to follow.
I have already made use of the resources given in the workshop pack and know that I will return to them again and again.


I experienced you as professional & skilled. You had a balance of equanimity, calm, capacity to relay information in an easy to hear & understand way and a humorous, light touch. I gained much from all the "titbits" of information that only an experienced expert can supply to illustrate examples & answer random questions. The structure & delivery over the five days reflected the MBCT programme which of course in crucial in any sort of training. This provided good modelling by you as well as the receiving of the experience by myself as a student (& I hope the others).
I felt held as you adjusted each day’s schedule to manage what had been covered (or not ) so far.

The manual is a major contribution to the training - clear, structured, & informative. Since returning home I have been studying the pages we did not use on the course. They have proven useful in recording my CDs. I am looking forward to summer reading based on the extensive lists provided.

This training was more than I could have hoped from several aspects - the deepening of my own mindfulness practice through the retreat type environment, factual teaching & learning, the modelling & practice sessions with feedback, the welcoming & caring attitude of yourself & Helen, the good value for money. The whole experience was greater than the sum of the parts - a not to be forgotten 5 days. I feel a solid confidence to deliver the MBCT in a professional setting.

Dear Patrizia,
I had to write to say how I felt following last Saturdays workshop.
I would admit that before it was sceptical about such things as meditation and a possible place for it in therapy. After Saturday I was unable to get what you shared out of my mind. I have even "found" myself thinking about during my clinical work and how it could be so helpful. Whether I will do the further training depends on a number of factors but it is under active consideration.Thank you so much for giving us such a great day.

As I am a diabetic, excess adrenalin can have adverse effects on my blood sugar levels. I found the information on how our minds control the chemicals our bodies produce fascinating.
I found the facilitator excellent. She was non-threatening and I felt she was on my side. She was serious but had a sense of fun. Mrs. E. P. (US, photographer)

Core Energy Management works very well with my meditation practice. It taps into the well of spiritual positivity. The session was superbly facilitated: clear and concise, and Dr. Collard was able to communicate to people from all walks of life. (Mr. E., UK, accupuncturist)

Holistic Stress Management has proved very helpful for dealing with stressful situations in order to jump in before 'fight or flight' kicks in. This was a very helpful presentation, the material being really useful for students trying to offer a holistic approach to their clients. (Ms. L. B. post-graduate student)
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