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Holistic health and anti-aging tips

Essential Oils
Lavender: the name derives from the Roman 'lavare' meaning to wash. It has been used for thousand of years due to it's versatile healing properties.
Nervous System: It can be used for insomnia and sleep related disorders especially when connected to tension, stress or shock. For migraine/headaches use in a cold compress or place a few drops in boiling water and inhale. For PMT dilute in a base oil and massage onto stomach.
Skin Care: For burns apply to skin for treating scalds, sunburn, bruises, athletes foot, boils, spots etc.
Respiratory System: For asthma, bronchitis, catarrh and throat infections massage the oil gently onto throat or chest, use a few drops in the bath or as a steam inhalation.
Muscles and Joints: Mix a few drops with a base oil and massage into area where you are experiencing pain.
Genito-urinary system: Lavender can be used for treating menstrual pain and during labour (massage into lower back).

Important reminder: Essential oils should not generally be applied directly to the skin - always dilute in a base oil and never use internally!!!

Teas and Vitamins
Green Tea: Latest research shows further evidence that 'Epigallocacetin-3-Gallat' contained in green tea, reduces growth of cancerous cells (particularly re. breast and liver cancer) as well as cholesterol, fat and can help to prevent heart disease.

Melatonin: Harvard Medical school recently discovered that Melatonin is not only useful for improving sleep related disorders but may also be helpful for reducing high blood pressure (source: Hypertension).




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